*For the book by Seiichi Kirima, see: List of Seiichi Kirima Books.

The VS Imaginator Arc is a running storyline in the Kadonoverse, debuting in the second volume of the Boogiepop Series, and mostly centering around the character Suiko Minahoshi, as well as a certain theme.


While the most obvious connection between the Vs Imaginator stories is the titular character, Suiko Minahoshi, also known as the Imaginator, she does not actually feature in every one of the stories. Thus, the name of the arc may in fact be derived from Seiichi Kirima's definition of the word Imaginator, from which Suiko received her nickname in the first place.

Therefore, the connection between the parts is actually their running theme. The main theme of VS Imaginator stories is the struggle against societal conformity, portrayed as a form of brainwashing, represented by the Imaginator. In the supplementary note for the reprint version of Boogiepop at Dawn, Kouhei Kadono has referred to the VS Imaginator Series as his "perfect personal series".


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