Yuzuru Shinozaki (篠崎 譲, Shinozaki Yuzuru) is a minor character from Boogiepop Overdrive: The King of Distortion. He is a college student, a part-time employee of the Moon Temple, and one of the 'victims' of the King of Distortion.


Yuzuru is a normal person. His King of Distortion was a girl named Noriko, who he was in love with during high school, but failed to confess to. His biggest regret was never managing to change himself and become something.


In the novel, Yuzuru's appearance is never shown.

In the anime, Yuzuru is a young man with a rectangular face, large black eyes, short black hair and a hare-like front tooth. He is shown wearing the blue security uniform from his job.


In high school, Yuzuru invited Noriko on a date, but never managed to tell her his feelings. Later, during college, he got a job as a security guard at the Moon Temple, and got roped up in the King of Distortion incident.


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  • Yuzuru's last name, Shinozaki, means "bamboo cape".
  • Yuzuru's first name means "transfer".


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