Zouragi (ゾーラギ, Zōragi) is an antagonist of Boogiepop Overdrive: The King of Distortion. It is a giant monster inhabiting Makoto Hashizaka's dream world, later revealed to be his King of Distortion.


Initially, Zouragi didn't have any thoughts of its own, just instinctively destroying everything around. However, as time passed, it quickly developed a will of its own, as well as near human-like intelligence, and began intentionally destorying the surroundings of Makoto's dream world. After gaining conciousness, Zouragi intended to escape to the real world, but was stopped by Boogiepop. Zouragi was Makoto's image of his 'father', as he never met him, and only ever saw his mother being tortured by the memory of him.


Zouragi is a giant monster who looks very similar to a dinosaur.

In the anime, Zouragi has a very eccentric design, looking more like a child's fantasy. Its 'main body' is green and dinosaur-like, with red eyes. The torso, however, is covered with what looks like an orange fluid holding its bodyparts in place. Melded in the fluid is another 'body', black in color.


Zouragi started out as Makoto Hashizaka's image of his estranged father. As he never met him, and every small bit of insight he got about the man came from his mother, who always seemed tortured by his memory, Makoto imagined his dad to be a giant monster. For most of his life, Zouragi just remained in Makoto's psyche, as the boy saw it trample the city under its feet without anyone's notice.

This all changed, however, when the King of Distortion took over Makoto's dream. Using the power of the King of Distortion, Zouragi gradually gained sentience, and due to the sheer strength of Makoto's image of the monster, it gained enough power to almost break out of his dream world and into the real world. However, Boogiepop was called to deal with this threat, and managed to defeat the monster in front of Makoto's eyes, destroying his image of Zouragi as the most powerful being, and causing him to disappear.

However, as Zouragi's presence was so powerful, it didn't fully fade from existence, instead faintly living on inside of the collective subconscious of the King of Distortion Incident's victims. This influence later gave birth to the existence known as Chariot Choogle.


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Boogiepop Overdrive

Boogiepop at Dawn

A copy of Echoes' data traveling between dimensions ended up arriving in the ruined dream world that Zouragi trampled. Boogiepop, still remaining there, spent the time talking with Echoes about the past, waiting for the world to finally end.

Chariot Choogle


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